Share your Purim joy with the Malki Foundation children and their families

Join us on Purim to brighten the challenging lives of children with disabilities and the families supported via Malki Foundation. We will bring joy and excitement to the families’ homes by delivering a beautiful Mishloach Manot basket in your name, complete with a variety of products to their doorstep. Your donation of 260 NIS enables us to deliver one basket to one family in your name while helping to fund our support of many additional children and their families.


Credit-card donations are tax-effective under Israeli law (Tax ID# 580381655). Make your donation by clicking on secure donation page either in English or in Hebrew


MAKE A REAL DIFFERENCE IN THE LIVES OF CHILDREN WITH DISABILITIES IN ISRAEL The Malki Foundation’s programs allow families to care for their children with special needs at home. The therapies children receive through our programs help children crawl, walk, eat and communicate, ultimately allowing them to integrate into the world around them
Our support offers hope to a parent who feels there is nowhere else to turn to, hope for a better life for the child and the family. Help us make all of this possible by donating today

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